'Information' is defined as a fundamental aspect of the Fund:

         - quality data collection (about issues, options for practical solutions and information about relevant specialists and their projects (both realized and those that are at the development stage), active peoples or groups that are interested in project, successful international experience and ways to adapt it to our conditions);

          - maximal spread (people are informed about the problem and different solutions become able to action) all available methods (Internet, media, presentations, lectures, brochures, leaflets, implementation of certain demonstration projects, etc.);

           - from information to real cohesion (creation of system of ready-knowing-capable people).

     This is the core of our mission 'Knowledge - Action - Systematic' to ensure 'Green balance: Human - Home - Nature'.

      That's why we very need your help:

         (1) share with us related information - so we can distribute it to more people;

         (2) help to distribute information, which is already present on our site;

         (3) make your financial contribution (total on existing projects or on target project on your choice).