Destruction of Nature (thoughtless over-consumption of energy leads to deterioration of Environment), permanent growth of chronic diseases, 'impossibly high' utility payments (or impossibility to have own home)... The trouble is that it is complex and interrelated factors result. What then can be done by UKRAINIAN (especially one) in this situation?

      'My home is my fortress'! What does it mean? Let's find out:

        (1) our Homes (houses, work office, study building, etc) is terribly energy-consuming (old construction technology, lack of cultural consumption) - and this is environment, dependence of country and impovershipment of population;

        (2) our Homes do not provide basic physiological needs of human habitation and they're a real threat to the health and life (because they was builded 'for sale' with low-quality materials, without understanding and consideration of the house nature) - that cause permanent unexplained chronic diseases (plus impact through the environment of our destroyed nature);

         (3) we give our fates in the hands of others when we buy so-called 'affordable house' (where the criterion of the availability is low price, which is achieved by low quality)... And once again we fall under the influence of the first items (excessive consumption of energy, financial survival and hidden diseases which kill our future and the future of our childrens)... But there is an alternative. We can create the most 'healthy' and energy efficient affordable house. We don't need to be builders, just need to unite with supporters.

     'Green Balance': Human - House - Nature. This is our MISSION. Peoples who values their health and know how to provide it in their House, who knows how to make it energy efficient, energy effective, energy independent, which owns the psychology and culture of rational consumption can become financially successful, can have happy life, save the environment (that helps to decrease negative impact on themselves and become more responsible for thr future generations).

      When we will build such house and explain this culture to one - we will 'save' family. Even by supporting dozens of peoples that are actually operating and solving problems at their level and by sharing their experience to thousands of those who want a better life, we will push for change millions (nation).

      Knowledge - Action - Systematic. This is our GOAL. Bring to the 'thinking' peoples problems and practical solutions (existing world experience and Ukrainian developments) support 'active' and stimulate to action 'capable', which will make major changes to ensure systematic for all.