Here are the main aspects that should be provided in your home:

        (1) HARMLESS construction materials, technology, furniture, etc. Why would immediately lay permanent problem 'source'?;

         (2) AIR. An integrated system that remove of 'waste' and deliver 'clean' air;

         (3) HUMIDITY. In the room have to be a natural humidity level;

        (4) TEMPERATURE. It is necessary to maintain physiologically comfortable temperature same in the zonal, time and seasonal aspects;

         (5) WATER. Human feeling directly depends on water quality, because it's about 85% of the human body.

         (6) NATURAL LIGHT. The physiological need and factor of influence on the psychological status;

         (7) SILENCE. Human need to have ‘rest zone’;

         (8) ENVIRONMENT. Contains from 'social' (comfortable neighbours) and 'natural' (state environmental) factors;

      (9) ORIENTATION (cardinal directions). It combines economic and psycho-physiological components together with energetics component.