It's interesting to examine the experience of advanced society, to estimate at what stage are we ourselves and to choose the right guide. Why do we go through all the 'evolutionary' mistakes when we can use a proven and effective way of others and simply adapt it for ourselves. You can decide at what stage 'are' you and the Ukraine in whole.

      To be simple we 'split' evolution of development/perception to 5 stages:

        (1) 'day before yesterday' or stage of 'Property' (the postwar era and the times of economic crisis) - the main thing - is to be able to have/buy (property) either, anywhere, any quality. The era of mass, rapid and cheap construction, mostly multi-city;

         (2) 'yesterday' or stage of 'CAPITAL' (people and countries 'stand up') - one sold to buy another, better. So, looking ahead, trying to buy home that sold well without losing investment, house as liquid capital;

          (3) 'today' or 'ENERGY' stage (era of economic and energy wars for independence) - energy become more expensive very fast, so there is an urgent need for energy-efficient and energy-effective house/technologies/equipment;

        (4) 'tomorrow' or 'ECO' stage (in pursuit of savings and availability, market become flooded of technology and materials that badly affect on human health) - house become life-threatening. 'Sick building syndrome'. Values only house with natural microclimate and that which is providing basic physiological needs of human who begins to think about his future and moved to the quiet suburbs;

          (5) 'day after tomorrow' or 'NATURE' stage (house is built from the most environmentally friendly materials, made by technologies that cause the least damage to the environment) - the era of energy from renewable natural sources, people invest in expensive houses as the responsibility for the future of their childrens and grandchildrens.