These three points have a interconnection:

     1. Savings - complexly thought and counted heat isolation (completely-continuous, airtight, sealed, external permeable) and the culture of consumption at times reduce resource consumption;

      2. Efficiency - individual approach to every single home in the selection of the most effective systems (heating, water heating, ventilation, etc.);

      3. Independence - partial or complete replacement of classical energy sources for environmentally safe renewable energy (solar, wind, water, air, earth). The first two paragraphs reduce the required capacity of these systems, so they become cheaper.

     And it should be clearly understood that these three solutions is an integrated system (it means that it should be professionally planned in correct order to clearly defined integrally from each other: first of all we reduce energy losses, then individually optimize system and only then work out on substitution aspect of independence.

     Failure of understand the complexity and sequencing of solution this problem (consumer ignorance and a lack of real specialists) creates a situation where people are misleading partial solutions that do not solve the problem completely, but only slightly improve the status (so they just throw away money).

     Heat (energy) 'is transfering' by 4 methods but in Ukraine considered (partially) only one. So what kind of results we can wait for? Be sure to keep in mind that misunderstanding of interconnection system and Eco Energy topics (natural microclimate - 'healthy' Home) can turn a house to real threat not only to health but even to a human life.

     Of course the best option is the construction of a new quality house, but there are options when you need to use the existing (reconstruction). And then there is a need for a complex audit of buildings (otherwise this is 'treatment' without diagnosis). In any of these options, the only way to better results is a complex professional approach.