In the world has understood long time ago that even buying property, we still just use it (for a particular period), so when choosing guided by the formula 'Value for housing':

       AMH = P (price) + S (spending "for settlement") + M (maintance) + MS (money from sale):

         1) AMH - is ammount of ALL money that you spend on your HOUSE until it is your property;

         2) P - realty price and registration costs;

         3) S - funds for the repair/reconstruction "for yourself" and the purchase of furniture, equipment, etc.

        4) M - estimated "maintenance" budget for 15-20 years (monthly utility or other charges, cosmetically-planned major repairs, some improvements, paying property taxes etc.);

         5) MS - estimated ammount of money which you receive when sell this house in 15-20 years ('clear profit').

     Complex saving begins at the stage of deciding of house need and it's literally count all the money that 'will be spended' on this house, which is very wide. Invest in 'healthy' apartment - saved for treatment and benefited by the natural microclimate and comfort of living. Wisely thought about functionality (area, number and nature of the necessary facilities, technology quality) - avoid excessive costs for the future maintenance. Solved the 'Energy' problem and use savings consumption culture - monthly maintenance costs decreased.