Thats how we see affordable house:

          - Eco: house that is harmless to humans, which provides his 9 basic physiological needs is main condition of 'health' and comfortable living;

      - Energy: savings (proper complex insulation on 4 'vectors'), efficiency (individually and optimal using resources system), independence (renewable energy);

       - Economy: investments (professional start and analyzes, saves a lot of money on construction/acquisition), maintenance (quality is guarantee substantial reduction of 'utilities'/repairs), capital (can be sold faster and more expensive, because it's done in complex that means it's highly liquid).

       This is house of new era. But to create Systematic changes we need to ensure its mass availability and give a full guarantee of obtaining (formula which exclude any kind of financial investment fraud/building 'pyramid'). It's mean product that is better and more expensive than the present, should be maked more accessible. It is possible to be done only wisely, without loss of quality and complexity:

      a) 'take away' corruption component - mini suburban residential complexes (cheaper land, implementation deadlines, simplified by compactness without any kind of bureaucratic duties);

       b) avoid profit of investors corporations - build for yourselfs by creating clubs (when the group of associates is ready - choose the type of house project, acquire the land, hire experts that will build quality under your control, receive the property documents immediately on your name);

      c) just 'cut off stereotypes' (house for personal use and not for 'showing off') - rational areas, number and types of rooms, avoiding all unnecessary (or rarely used) surpluses;

       d) optimize 'technology lack' (control of theft, overpricing and unprofessional waste, etc.);

       e) functional house blocking - real savings in materials, networks, work etc.